Funny Disgusting Memes that will crack you up!

Funny Disgusting Memes

Exploring the internet? Got nothing to do? Couldn't find anything interesting to do? Checkout these funny disgusting memes that we found the internet compiled just for you! So check out these memes and laugh it out.

 Disgusting memes
"I brush my teeth and average of twice a month and just suck on mints to keep my breath fresh! But when i go to the dentist/orthodontist they always remark something on the lines of "you are a really good brusher" or "you have a beautiful teeth"

Fooled ya!

Disgusting memes
"Taking a dump in public bathroom.
Water splashes all over my ass"

And then another splash to clean the previous splash.

Disgusting memes
"Every piece of clothing gets worn at least twice only gets washed if visibly dirty or fails sniff test"

Just trying to live the stress less life. No need to work until the need arises! 

Disgusting memes
"Just shit myself" 
"You are fucking disgusting, bill"

Baby talks!

Disgusting memes
" Let the most disgusting silent fart ever. In a fully crowded bus."

That's like the most evil dream ever. Hope people don't achieve this.

Disgusting memes
"We should not demonize a religion because some fuck-nuggets use it to justify their disgusting hateful behavior."

Retard people all over the internet and some "countries".

Disgusting memes

"Divorce selfie"

Looks he missed the single life and the smile on his face his proves that he can't wait to be single again! 

Disgusting memes

Didn't see that coming, did you?

Disgusting memes
In a coma fighting for life. Kardashians race up with tv crew to film a tv show.

It's all about content and trps these days...

Disgusting memes
"If California was a person"

Couldn't think of a better image than this, lol.

Disgusting memes
"Driving down the highway, 3 year old daughter pipes up "Dad, milk comes from a cow's butt!"
Me,"No dear, that would be utterly disgusting, actually cow pies come from their butt"

And that is some pies you ever want to eat..

Disgusting memes
Co-worker comes over and says,"eww! that guys is clipping his nails". Look up to respond, just realize I am biting mine...

You complaining to the wrong person dude..!

Disgusting memes
"Just did all of my laundry can't use dirty laundry as napkins anymore."

Since, the dirty stuff got dirty. Finally, laundry day.

Disgusting memes
"If you drop soap, does it get the soap dirty or the floor clean?"

Ever since I read this I couldn't rest easy. Still trying to find the answer to the question. If you happen to know the answer please comment and tell us.

Disgusting memes

"Pizza cutlery is dirty. Fold the pizza and eat it like a giant taco."

Had to take matter in my own hands. Situations like these scare me..

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