1 - Right to remain silent
Facebook is landing a lot of people in jail. In the United States the police have the authority to collect and see any user's personal data and messages without having any warrant, you don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy on Facebook or your Facebook messages please they're able to read private Facebook messages and go through Facebook search history data some people okay with this other people consider this a violation whatever your opinion it has been used to solve crimes and convict criminals on the other hand though some people post stupid things on Facebook and don't
realize that actually their joke threats or idle threats are being taken seriously and then police officers shop at their door from a silly Facebook post people are ending up in court I don't know what do you think to that can you joke on Facebook or should be people be joking about serious things like that
let me know your thoughts okay this one is very bittersweet and then bitter again justice hasn't been served here.