2 - The Case of Brittney Gargol

Back in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2018, Eighteen-year-old Brittney Gargol was found strangled to death. A chunky black belt was found near her body and criminologists suspected that it could be the murder weapon. It turns out that the case of who killed the teen was solved when Cheyenne Rose Antoine posted an image to Facebook which police say was instrumental in solving the crime. The image was of Gargol with Antoine…..and Antoine was wearing none other than the black
belt found by the body. The image was posted hours before the teens death.
It seems that the killer had tried to throw police of the scent by posting on Facebook asking where her missing friend was. After the image linked her to the belt found at the scene of the crime, Antoine pleaded guilty to manslaughter, saying she and Gargol had gotten into a drunken argument.
She was sentenced to seven years in prison. 7 years honestly sounds very low to me.
I am pretty shocked.

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