3 - The Blogger who Helped Solve the Steubenville Abuse Case

In March 2019 a 45 Year Old Crime Blogger created fake Facebook and Instagram accounts
to so some online sleuthing about a rape case in her former hometown. Alexandria Goddard had read a viral article online about the case, which really was a hot topic at the time. Alexandria said: I used to live in Steubenville, where the high school football players are treated like NFL players - and this seemed to be the case with Trent Mays and Malik Richmond, the teenagers that raped Jane Doe - a victim who's anonymity is protected but known by many in the town. Alexandria said: I thought that there was a lot more to the story and that the local media was probably not giving it the coverage
that it needed because it was the football team,” she said. “I went out to the football website, I pulled
the team roster, and just started going through social media.” Alexandria was able to follow the boys online and she uncovered a string of incriminating evidence. Alexandria used Facebook, twitter and YouTube who exposed the boys who had posted smoking gun evidence of the attack to their friends.
The boys were arrested and charged. Justice, thanks to one blogger paying attention when the town looked the other way.

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