5 - The Case of Carolee Ashby

In 1968 there was no Facebook, no crowd sourcing of information, just a team of police offices
who were working with physical paper files and lower quality identification technology in order to try and find their evidence. 1968 was the year that a 4 year old girl did on Halloween as a result of a brutal hit and run in upstate New York. At the time the police did what they could but the case went cold. Fast forward four decades and one of the former police officers on the case, the now retired
Lt Russ Johnson posted the story on Facebook saying he regret never finding her killer.
The story was shared, and shared again and shared some more and it seems that it reached a woman all the way in Florida. It seems this woman had a friend who was scarred for life after she was the passenger in a car that hit a child on Halloween in New York in the 1960's. It was discovered that the man driving was Douglas Parkhurst who was 17 at the time. The passenger carried guilt with her her whole life but never turned the man in. After this tip off from Facebook - Police questioned him and he admitted to the crime. Sadly though the statute of limitations had passed and he couldn’t be arrested for the girls death.

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