4 - The Mafia

The Mafia is an organized crime ring originating from Sicily but famously terrorized the United
States and beyond. Recently a Mafia Hitman who called himself Scarface was arrested after being tracked down via Facebook. Pasquale Manfredi was on Italy’s 100 most wanted list and had been on the run for a year. Officer were tipped off that Scarface like using Facebook and logged on every now and then to keep up with his friends and kill lists.
Oh dear. To try and keep his disguise, he would log in using the name Georgie and it is believed
he would receive coded messages via Facebook messenger Using top range surveillance, eventually
his IP address was secured and he was tracked to an apartment in Southern Italy. When Scarface was caught and arrested, his laptop was seized and his Facebook scoured for other mafia links. An officer on the case said: Manfredi is a good catch.
He is particular cold and cruel. We tracked him down because we had information he was using a key to log on to the Internet and in particular use Facebook

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