6 - Solved this 37 Year Mystery

So in 1978 the bodies of 25 year old Chris and 24 year old Penny Frampton were found in Guatamala. The pair were travelling from the UK and were childhood sweethearts who were murdered. It seems they were driven off on a boat by an American, Silas Boston, and never returned.
To cut a long story short Chris’ sister Penny and her family suspected Boston was involved from the police report but the man, who had moved to California, had never been charged and information in the 1970's about a death in Guatemala wasn’t easy to come by in Britain. Recently in 2018, Penny decided to search for Silas Boston on Facebook and she found him. The case had long gone cold but she did some sleuthing for herself. Penny contacted the Sacramento Police who had reopened a case into Boston’s missing third wife It seems Penny was able to get in touch with Boston’s sons - and an image of the then boys with her brother on their dads ship emerged. The sons came forward to say they knew their father had killed the two young Brits. It turns out that Boston has also killed two
more tourists as well. It seems the police were able to track him down and arrest him - the story is longer and more dramatic but that's the highlights for you. The Right To Remain Silent applies to you
and not your Smartphone at number 5 Facebook is landing a lot of people in jail…and honestly a lot of people are on the fence about it. It seems that in the United States, Police officers have a right to collect cell phone location data without a warrant - and you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in on Facebook either. Police are able to read private Facebook messages, and go through Facebook search data. Some people are okay with this, others consider it a violation. Whatever your opinion, it has been used to solve crimes and convict criminals….But on the other hand, some people who post stupid things on Facebook don’t realize their joke threats or idle threats are being
taken seriously...and people are ending up in court. This one is very bitter sweet...and then bitter
again as Justice just hasn’t been served here….

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