8 - The Missing Teen

In December 2015, Facebook page Greatful Doe was used to identify an unidentified male
who had been run off the road in 1995. A post of images of the man including a restoration
of his look was made for Facebook, with the caption “Do you know me - died in a car
accident on June 26th 1995 - estimate 16 - 25 years old. 5ft 8 inches, 169lbs...had star tattoo on upper arm - his hair was blonde died red. It seems he was run off the road by a van in Virginia and the internet decided to try and close his case.
The post was shared and eventually identified as missing 19 year old teenager Jason Callahan.
Jason was never reported as missing as his mother thought he had left home. One of the admin for Greatful Doe wrote : [I’ve] been sitting here for how long in shock both for the sadness of his family and the fact that here on Facebook we are making a difference. Because of everyone here this man will finally make his way home!!!”

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