9 - The Beach

If you are running from the law, be careful about who's friend requests you are accepting on Facebook, right? 26 Year Old American,Maxi Sopo originally from Cameroon , defrauded 200,000 dollars in Seattle and successfully fled the country to relocate to Cancun in mexico. That kind of money would go a long way out there….and Sopo was living a bit of a baller life,....and posting about on Facebook...which I mean...what an idiot. So I guess Maxi thought it was cool to update
his Facebook status with “living in Paradise and loving it” because maybe he thought he had stringent security settings….But he had inadvertently accepted a justice department official to his list of Facebook friends. Fool. His Facebook updates never said exactly where he was, but the eagle eyed investigator was able to figure it out from the background of his posts...they caught him...
He spent 33 months in prison.

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