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When it comes to entertainment we all hesitate a to open our wallets. So there is no one who doesn't like free stuff. In this article we will guide you through a very detailed and thorough process, in which you will learn how you can download tamil movies for free. If you want to learn how you can download all the latest movies for free, make sure to read the complete article to the end. In this article we will not give you some list of random websites and proxies that wouldn't even open or are banned by the government of India. We will just tell you about the one site that works and is very easy to operate.

In the following article we will cover the following topics:

1. About downloading tamil movies

2. Tamilrockers

3. Steps for downloading movies
    (For pc and mobile, both covered)

4. A short disclaimer on the use of these websites.

Download tamil movies

You might be familiar with the name 'Tamilrockers'. This website was the most famous website when it cam to downloading tamil movies. But unfortunately this website and all the proxies related to the website were shut down by the government. All the administrators handling the website were arrested as the website was also responsible for leaking many movies. Downloading from these websites for free is considered as an act of piracy and is totally illegal. 
Now back on the topic. In this article we will not give you some random proxy website that won't even open or are blocked by the government. We will just provide a single website that works and has all the latest movie waiting for you to download them. 
Many torrent websites are available to download tamil movies from, like pirates bay, torrentz2.eu,etc. But any of them hardly ever work as there are no seeder to seed the download resulting in download failures. The site we will tell you about works like magic and is always active with lots of seeders to seed the download. Go through this article thoroughly and you will learn quickly how to download tamil movies and use vpns. 

The name of the website we are talking about is 1337x.to.

Now we will provide a step by step guide on how you can use this website and download tamil movies from it.
Note: Always use a VPN when you are browsing such sites to cover your ip address.

Step 1
Open any browser on your pc and download the utorrent/ deluge bit torrent app. You can download these apps from the company websites respectively. The above mentioned apps are completely free for life time. 

Step 2
Now assuming that you have downloaded the app. Open the 'OPERA' browser. Opera is highly recommended for using 1337x.to. There is a lot of benefit for using thus browser for downloading tamil movies. The main feature is that the browser has it own in-built VPN that is completely free to use and works quite well! If you use chrome or any any browser you will have to download a vpn a separately. Most of the free vpns available for download either don't work efficiently or provide a very limited access to the free user. So instead of going through this just download the OPERA browser.

Step 3
After you have downloaded the browser open it. On the upper left hand of the browser you can see the 'vpn' option, click on it and select any location(Europe, americas, etc that are provided there) Once the the color of the vpn bar goes from yellow to blue, you can now rest assured that the vpn is on and working fine.

Image source: blogs.opera.com

Step 4
Now go to search bar and search for the website 1337x.to. With the vpn on there should be no problem. Once the website is open click on the search bar in the website and type the name of the movie you want to download and hit the search button. The results will then load up. Now remember when downloading the name always check for the seeders available. Higher the number of the seeders the faster the movie will download. 
P.S: It also depends on the speed of the internet.

Step 5
Now after checking the seeders click on the link. A page as show in the picture below will open up. Click on the 'Magnet Link' option

After clicking on the magnet link option, a pop up will appear asking you to provide access to another app.(The torrent app you downloaded from step 1). Simply click on allow and allow the app to access.
After click on the allow button the torrent app will open with a pop up asking you to add the torrent(the movie you selected for downloading) to the queue. Click on add and then the torrent will show up in the app, the app will show you the downloading stats of the movie.
Now all you have to do is wait for the movie to download.

Now for the people downloading the movies on mobile, we suggest you to download the app 'utorrent' from google play store. Yes! you heard it right the utorrent app is available on the play store itself. Download the app from there and also the opera browser. 

Note: Do not download the opera mini browser.

Now that you have both the apps on your mobile, follow the same procedure from step 1 mentioned above. Follow all the steps correctly and your movie will be downloaded in no time.
Enjoy your movie!

Important Disclaimer
This article is completely for education/information purposes only. In no way we endorse or promote the use of these websites. Downloading from such websites is against the law and completely illegal. Always buy the movies from the original publishers. Avoid illegal downloading of copyright content at all costs.

Did you like the article? If yes tell us in the comments section below and tell us what would you like to read about next.